Recommended products

A Mat – It all starts with one. 

This is all you need to get you started. Make sure it’s padded enough to support the spine from bruising on a hard floor and not so thick that you don’t feel balanced. I find this one just right, best of all it’s eco friendly as it’s biodegradable!

Small props are not essential to a workout, but they do make things that little bit more fun. They also can be added to challenge and vary your mat sessions whilst at home or travelling abroad. You will find me using them in my videos, which, used frequently aim to give inspiration as well as challenging your body and making it stronger.

Pilates Barrel / Spine Corrector – lightweight and portable, used to stretch muscles and increase flexibility. Helping strengthen the spine, open the chest and deepen the abdominal work, whilst releasing tension in the hips, back and shoulder muscles.

Magic Circle – originally designed from the metal around wooden barrels, now lighter and made from plastic. Provides feedback and challenges / deepens the work during exercises. A never-ending opportunity to challenge the body through numerous exercises.

Resistance bands – not part of the original small apparatus Joe created, but worth packing for short trips away to help with stretching, strengthening and focusing on specific areas of the body. Different resistance options.

Ball – again not part of the original small apparatus Joe created, but can be used to vary and challenge the abs, glutes and legs.

Weights – great to help tone the arms, back and shoulders or add a bit of a challenge to ab exercises.

Foam Roller – useful for massaging out tight muscles and challenging the core stability (go for the 90cm length to give you the option of placing your entire back along it).

BODY BOLT – I actually first bought this for Oli as a gift, then quickly claimed it as my own. It’s a tool to help target and relieve tension and knots in the body. I use it whilst I am watching TV to help release my tight leg and hip muscles or when I can’t get a massage. I like that it has different speed options, which some of the other options don’t have.

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Toe Corrector – created to ease bunion pain, strengthen muscles, and reestablish proper alignment in the lower body.

Use the code NAT5 for a 5% discount.

The Good Birth Companion – I have recommended this book multiple times to friends, family and clients. I found it a very useful and unbiased source of information about pre, during and post birth. It has helpful sections for partners to read, and key takeouts at then end of a chapter. A must for any expectant mother.