My Pilates Journey

I know what it’s like to be injured.

I know the fear that grips you when your movement is limited.

I know the anguish and frustration that takes over your mind with worry when you don’t know what to do to make things better.

I discovered early on that sometimes, no matter what you do to keep fit and healthy, you get injured. Aged 15 on an active family holiday in the States, one day I was unable to move. Stuck with a slight shift to the body but without severe pain I baffled many physicians as I didn’t tick the ‘characteristics’ of a slipped disc.

For an agonising 8 months I lived with severe scoliosis, unable to partake in sports and live a normal life, until I was allowed an MRI. Young and scared, I was advised by a consultant that surgery was the only way to fix the confirmed slipped disc.

It was only after surgery that I found Pilates. It gave me back my strength, mobility and the opportunity to move which had been so restricted for such a long time. Through small repetitive movements, I gradually increased my core strength, removed the back pain and started to move more freely, feeling stronger and more positive than I had for a long time.

Continuing my practise to maintain my strength and flexibility, and also eager to further my understanding of the human body and Pilates knowledge, I qualified as a Pilates Instructor and graduated from Loughborough, receiving a BSc (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Science.

As my passion for Pilates grew, so did my desire to challenge myself further as a teacher. I explored Joseph Pilates’ True Method, The Classical Pilates Method, which changed the way I thought about Pilates, allowing me to progress not only in my own practise, but to help clients achieve more through their sessions. I sought out the original Classical teachers, who have the direct learnings from Joseph, and continue to travel globally to be part of this elite group.