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I am passionate about the enormous benefits of Pilates and it is my mission to change the way Pilates is perceived. I want to use my profile to empower people to take ownership of their bodies, their ailments and injures and to become pain-free, mobile and strong.

It is my hope that you use this membership as a resource wherever you are and as often as you can. The online training videos are for everyone and no matter what age, ability or experience.


£19.99 / month
  • 7 Day FREE Trial
  • Unlimited access to over 100 workouts
  • New content added every week
  • Select sessions by body area or duration
  • Add sessions to your Favourites list
  • No minimum contract
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Membership Reviews

What joy your membership is bringing me. I can fit the classes into my own time schedule and have such pleasure choosing which ones I do. It has also highlighted the parts that need more stretching and the need for being able to practise more to hold the weights up as long as you do! I can’t believe how my body is toning up so quickly, it is a real incentive and your upbeat manner and beautiful face make the classes an absolute joy.

Elizabeth H

Firstly thank you for your brilliant Pilates classes. They have renewed my enthusiasm for Pilates, your instruction is clear whilst your correction cues are spot on. I trained with Body Control Pilates a few years ago but sadly didn’t complete the whole course so appreciate how valuable correct instruction is.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for creating this brilliant monthly membership. I’m thoroughly enjoying your sessions each evening, they’ve given me lots to focus on, I’ve learnt so much and I feel my technique is definitely improving and they’re something I really look forward to. Your clear teaching and excellent demonstration is so helpful.


I started doing your 6pm sessions and loved them although the timing wasn’t great for me. Now I’m a monthly member subscriber and absolutely love your classes.
Your knowledge and instruction is wonderful and I can feel the benefits already.
Thank you for keeping me sane through lockdown and I was so pleased to hear that the monthly subscription will continue after lockdown.

Angela A

Having tried various Pilates sessions in the past, I’m so pleased to have found your Instagram sessions and so your online classes, the membership and videos.

I love the fact that I can pick a 20 min session or a 45 min session at any time of the day, and anywhere, to fit in with other exercise, or to focus on a particular area or whole body.  I now find that I want to do a daily video session and am learning and feeling the benefits in strength and flexibility.

Pamela H

I just wanted to say you have been my saviour through this whole self-isolation thing, having your online classes has helped me structure my days and also improving my body endlessly, now we are cooped up inside and on the laptop relentlessly. The membership works really well for me as I can do these at any point in the day and choose the area I want to focus on. For me usually, core, lower back and opening up my chest/ shoulders…shocking posture! Thanks again and keep up the good work 🙂

Victoria K

I am so glad I found your Instagram / Community a couple of weeks ago. It genuinely helped me to improve my mood, back pain and general well being during this really challenging time. I am looking forward to the Pilates class tonight!

Pina B

These online memberships are great for those of us who live mainly in the country where there are not loads of studios or Pilates opportunities, thanks again for this membership area – it is invaluable!

Suzanne B

Nathalie’s Pilates sessions are an absolute joy! Her persistently positive, dynamic and bubbly approach makes them an absolute pleasure to attend. I look forward to her session all day. My body has not felt this strong, flexible and ache free for years.

Jasmine H

You have reignited my love for Pilates and I will come out of lockdown stronger and fitter, thanks to you.



Yes, you can start or cancel at any time. All memberships are valid from the date of purchase and will automatically renew each month unless cancelled prior to re-start date.

If you would like to join a mat class you will need to purchase this separately, here.

There is a minimum of 80 videos on the website at one time and a new video is uploaded every Monday

There are a mixture between 10, 20, 30 and 45 minutes sessions and can be filtered by time.

Many videos include small props, however there are also plenty that don’t use anything. The small props are not essential but do give a little extra challenge to the sessions. If you would like to buy some, we have a few recommendations here

Absolutely, and what a great idea. All 1:1 sessions, both in person and via Zoom can be booked here but please do reach out to me first if you have any specific questions or requests