Strengthening bodies through Pilates


Hi, I’m Nathalie

I believe Pilates is an effective form of conditioning for anyone seeking core strengthening, coping with chronic ailments, pain or striving for athletic excellence.

Through my one to one Pilates sessions I work closely with clients to help them to take ownership of their bodies; becoming stronger, more mobile and confident in their movements.

Whether you are struggling with an injury, seeking increased core strength or training for athletic achievements and reduced risk of injury, I will work closely with you to transform, strengthen and challenge your body’s full potential.

My hope is that you leave sessions feeling connected, with increased body awareness, free from pain and tuned into your body. It is my mission to change any mind-set that Pilates is just breathing and stretching and to educate you in how to make your body strong.

Assisting a pilates client


Start your Pilates journey, today!

I am passionate about the enormous benefits of Pilates and it is my mission to change the way Pilates is perceived. 

It is my hope that you use this membership to empower you and to take ownership of your body, ailments and injures and to become pain-free, mobile and strong.

The online training videos are for everyone and no matter what age, ability or experience and the beauty of them is you can use them wherever you are and and as often as you can.

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“Nathalie has been a life saver - I came to her with a multitude of issues including a stress fracture of my hip and she has worked with me, unfailingly positive, to give me back strength that I could have only dreamed of - a really great teacher and nice with it”
Paula Steele
Managing Partner - John Lamb


Free the body from pain, increase body awareness, strengthen and transform